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How To Sell An Ecommerce Business

Our director Dru and one of our Melbourne Business Brokers Trevor Wantenaar recently had a conversation about selling an ecommerce business in Australia. Some key takeaways from their chat were:

Sale Price Maximisation – Nationwide Marketing

The beauty of ecommerce businesses is that they can be easily relocated. In one of Trevor’s recent transactions the buyer was interstate and simply shipped all stock upon settlement. With more buyer interest typically equaling a higher sale price, it is critical that ecommerce businesses are effectively marketed nationally or even internationally to maximise their sale price.

Niche vs. Broad Product Base

Trevor has found no difference in enquiry levels between niche focused ecommerce businesses and broader market ecommerce businesses. If the numbers stack up, the buyers will come independent of the category.

Important Consideration – Digital Security & Transferability

In Trevor’s most recent ecommerce transaction, the seller’s social media pages were compromised mid sales campaign. This understandably had an immediate negative impact on sales and turned a few prospective buyers away. While all ended well, this event iterates the importance of having secure and transferrable assets when preparing for sale. Ecommerce platforms, social media accounts and ad accounts need safe and ready to go for the next owner.

Buyer Demand

For the past few years ecommerce businesses have been one of the most in demand categories and this trend does not appear to be changing in the short term. Strong demand is expected to continue.

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