How To Sell An Ecommerce Business

Our director Dru and one of our Melbourne Business Brokers Trevor Wantenaar recently had a conversation about selling an ecommerce business in Australia. Some key takeaways from their chat were: Sale Price Maximisation – Nationwide Marketing The beauty of ecommerce businesses is that they can be easily relocated. In one of Trevor’s recent transactions the buyer was interstate and simply shipped all stock upon settlement. With more buyer interest typically equaling a higher sale price, it is critical that ecommerce

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How To Sell A Transport Business

Brisbane Business Broker Steve Blaby has sold a number of transport businesses in the past few years. In a recent catch up with Dru, he shared key takeaways for owners of transport businesses to be aware of before going to market. They were: Sale Price Maximisation – Diverse Client Base Potential acquirers of transport businesses get scared off when they see that one debtor or client is responsible for a large proportion of sales revenue. If they were to leave

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How To Sell An Electrical Business

Dru and Gold Coast Business Broker Belinda Packer recently caught up to discuss selling an electrical business in Australia. Having taken part in multiple transactions over her career, Belinda is a wealth of knowledge for prospective sellers. A few key takeaways were: Sale Price Maximisation – Multiple Revenue Streams Buyers of commercial electrical buyers typically seek a mix of both project and maintenance work. This is advantageous as they get the upside of lucrative projects but also the stability of

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How To Sell A Tyre Business

Dru recently had a discussion with Gold Coast Business Broker Brendan Morgan about selling a tyre business in Australia. Having taken part in a number of transactions in the tyre shop industry, Brendan had some great insights for prospective sellers: Important Consideration – Franchise vs Independent While all types of tyre shops can sell, different structures appeal to different buyer types. Franchise operations typically sell to inexperienced operators who are potentially getting into the industry for the first time. Independents

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How To Sell A Surveying Business

Dru recently had a conversation with Sydney Business Broker Sean Wolrige to discuss the ins and outs of selling a Surveying business in Australia. Sean is one of Australia’s most distinguished sellers of surveying businesses having been involved in a number of transactions over the years. He had some great advice for prospective sellers with some key takeaways being: Timeline – Prepare Early Selling any business takes time. To achieve the best outcome possible, it’s important not to rush the

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