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Get clarity and understand your market value with a CPA-certified business valuation.

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We're Partnered With Australia's Business Valuation Experts

Morgan Business Sales is exclusively partnered with Business Valuations Online to offer 100% online, CPA-certified business valuations. Each valuation is completed by a team of expert forensic accountants.

Small to medium business specialists

Looking to buy or sell a business? Ensure a smooth and successful process with a comprehensive business valuation report from a team of experts.

Exceptionally Experienced

Leading a highly-skilled team, Managing Director Brett Goodyer has more than 20 years’ experience in business analysis. He is a Fellow of CPA Australia and holds a CPA Public Practice Certificate and Master’s Degree in Forensic Accounting.

Accurate and Swift Reporting

Our business valuation reports provide a level of insight and analysis that has simply not been made available to small businesses at such a competitive price before now. Our reports are not automatically generated, but put together by a team of forensic accountants utilising years of specialist training and a suite of tools that we have developed to provide our clients with clarity and insight.

Empowering informed business decisions

Understanding the true value of a business through due diligence is paramount in any business transaction. With a report from Business Valuations Online, we provide you with the essential information to make a smart decision. Click below to view a sample of a valuation report providing insights derived from years of dedicated study and value expertise.

Precise Research & Reports

Don’t settle at just the past financial performance of a business. Our reports reflect a multi-disciplinary approach, analysing complex financial and non-financial data to provide a comprehensive insight into your situation.

Insights Delivered Differently

Our vast experience traverses a range of businesses, and our reports distil the information that really matters – in plain English, jargon-free and direct language. This equals clearer understanding and better informed decisions.

Simple, Transparent Pricing

Standard Business Valuation

Suitable for most businesses.

$2,899 + GST


"Their service is very fast and efficient. We definitely recommend to our fellow colleagues" - Scott Cutmore, McConachie Stedman Accounting


"The insights provided by the reports allow our clients to make complex decisions with clarity, key information at their fingertips" - Martin Culleton, RMB Lawyers


"The valuation report gave my client the ability to make an informed decision that was rational and removed any emotion" - Nathan Rigney, NGR Accounting

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