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Jade Lutton

Sales & Operations Manager

At the helm of the Morgan Business Sales team, Jade Lutton is a dynamic Sales and Operations Manager known for her unwavering customer focus and her unyielding commitment to delivering exceptional, well-informed service to clients.

Jade's track record is a testament to her exceptional dedication to customer service. She consistently sets the bar high by providing clients with a service that is not only prompt and responsive but also incredibly accurate, leaving no room for compromise in the quality of service.

Her proficiency as a communicator is marked by unwavering confidence and articulate expression, traits that empower her to deliver top-notch service across a broad spectrum of clients. Jade's written communication skills are equally impressive, having been honed through the meticulous preparation of intricate reports and documents.

Jade's professional journey has equipped her with extensive, high-level experience in collaborating with senior executive members, reflecting her ability to operate at the highest levels of management. One of her standout qualities is her superior interpersonal skills, characterized by her aptitude for adapting her communication style to suit the unique needs of her audience. She is a genuine 'people person,' consistently demonstrating empathy and a profound appreciation for establishing and nurturing lasting relationships.

In essence, Jade Lutton is the embodiment of excellence in her role as Sales and Operations Manager at Morgan Business Sales. Her commitment to customer satisfaction, her communication expertise, and her ability to navigate the complexities of senior management interactions make her a true asset.

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