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Graham Peters

Business Sales | NSW

As a national and international award-winning broker with extensive experience in business restructuring and complex deals, Graham brings a wealth of experience and a unique perspective to Morgan Business Sales. He has a solid mechanical engineering, information technology, manufacturing, and marketing background. He has also had several articles and blog posts republished in various trade magazines.

As an experienced CEO, Graham has successfully turned around several businesses, bringing them back to profitability and an eventual sale. This understanding enables Graham to quickly come to grips with the critical issues and assist business owners in uncovering hidden value and getting their businesses ready for sale.

While at an International broking firm, Graham received several awards, including International Deal of the Year, Australian Broker of the Year, and Australian Deal of the Year.

Graham lives on the Northern Beaches of Sydney, surfs, plays the guitar and enjoys riding his old Harley.

When Graham first appraised my business 30% higher than anyone else, I was a little sceptical at first. However, Graham talked me through the entire process.
We reached the appraisal price without problems and also reached the 12-month consulting agreement that I had hoped for.

Graham illustrated tremendous knowledge in business valuation, and his personal touch helped with a smooth transaction process.

I would recommend Graham to anyone needing a trustworthy business broker.

Dan Mandich

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