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Glenn Prunster

Business Sales | WA

WA Broker Of The Year 2023

With an impressive career spanning more than two decades within the realm of international oil and shipping, Glenn Prunster has honed his expertise to a remarkable degree, demonstrating exceptional commercial acumen and an unwavering commitment to detail. His journey through this intricate industry has not only been characterised by longevity but also by a remarkable capacity for innovation and strategic thinking.

A defining aspect of Glenn's professional journey is his exceptional prowess in negotiation. Over the years, he has adeptly crafted hundreds of freight agreements, orchestrating the movement of cargo across the global stage. His meticulous approach and ability to navigate the complexities of international trade have established him as a trusted figure in this arena.

Glenn's career has been punctuated by senior roles in both medium-sized shipping companies and large multinational oil corporations. His time spent living and working in Europe and Singapore has provided him with a rich tapestry of international experience in the domains of business and management. This global perspective, combined with his extensive industry knowledge, empowers him to approach challenges with a comprehensive understanding of diverse markets and cultural dynamics.

A standout achievement in Glenn's career was his instrumental role in establishing a groundbreaking shipping business unit for Ampol Singapore Pty Ltd. This endeavour showcased his remarkable aptitude for entrepreneurial leadership, and it also illustrated his proficiency in every facet of business initiation and operation. Glenn's hands-on experience in finance, administration, and operations has consistently contributed to the growth of businesses and the creation of new revenue streams.

Beyond his professional achievements, Glenn's personal values are the cornerstone of his work. Respect, honesty, and integrity are woven into the fabric of his professional ethos. These principles guide his every action, reflecting his unwavering dedication to ethical conduct and transparent business practices.

For those seeking a business exit that is marked by efficiency and minimal stress, Glenn Prunster is the undeniable choice. His extensive background in the international oil and shipping industry, coupled with his negotiation acumen, leadership acuity, and global experience, positions him as a beacon of excellence in this field. Glenn's dedication to ethical values, coupled with his track record of business success, makes him the trusted partner you need for a seamless and effective business transition.

Glenn is very experienced, he patiently guided me throughout the business purchase process, and helped me complete the purchase smoothly. Very lucky to be able to work with him, highly recommended!

Tammy Xie

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