Specialised Line Marking Business – Adjusted EBITDA $1.9M+

This is a great opportunity to capitalise on a business that is positioned for and ready for significant growth. A niche focus, world best practice and an exclusive supplier agreement enables the new owners of business a great opportunity to continue expanding even further.
Asking Price: $6,375,534

About the opportunity

Having started the business 8 years ago the business has continued to experience growth with recent years signaling that the earlier years of product research, testing and development have obviously paid off enabling them to bring to the market a product that is perfect for the harsh Australian climate and environmentally friendly, especially when compared to alternatives.

The business can easily be run from any geographical location as the key staff are expected to and currently travel nationally to ensure that the business continues to capture market share. There are no special licenses or trade skills that the new buyer will need to have, however, it will be advantageous for the buyer to have a strong background and understanding of sales and marketing.

Total Income

FY22: $2,863,843 (covid impacted)
FY23: $6,066,242
FY24: $6,500,00 – forecast only

Adjusted EBITDA

FY22: $707,200 (covid impacted)
FY23: $1,963,794
FY24: $1,969,743- forecast only

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