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Heath Nicholson Business Broker

Heath Nicholson

Business Sales | NSW

Following years of hands on experience establishing, growing and selling businesses across a range of industries, the transition to business broker was a natural step and a welcome opportunity for Heath to share what he knows with buyers and sellers.

As a business broker with one of Australia’s leading brokerages, Heath knows that selling a business is a specialised field. Much more than marketing and a transaction. While it might seem on the surface to be as simple as selling a house there is so more more at stake. Owners have invested time, energy, blood, sweat and tears into building their business, taken risks and been at the sharp end of government decisions and global financial movements and they care about its sale.

When it comes to selling a business, clients rely on Heath to understand their business almost as well as they do. Having an open and honest relationship with sellers is the critical first step to a successful sale. Accordingly Heath's frank with his advice. Letting owners know how saleable their business, what needs to be done to make it ready for sale, how long it may take and what it's realistically worth.

Confidentiality and integrity are core to how Heath does business. Keeping owners long-term interests at heart, he is thorough and diligent in every aspect of the sales process. If you're looking for an experienced partner in sale, Heath is your go to broker.

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