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Most Successful Café in Rockhampton – Net Sales for 2023 of $1,544,363

Lucrative Business: Presently, the cafe is under professional management and boasts a robust annual profit of $330,439. The two owners are receiving competitive wages, underlining its profitability.
Asking Price: $420,000

About the opportunity

One of the owners, serving as the sole director, contributes minimal hours to oversee payroll, invoicing, catering requests, and occasional staff coverage. Consequently, the cafe operates seamlessly with a full staff complement, poised for new ownership to step in effortlessly.

Ideal Location: Nestled within a bustling retail and office hub in the heart of Rockhampton’s CBD, this cafe enjoys the advantages of abundant foot traffic and high visibility. Its coveted location is undoubtedly a significant contributor to its remarkable success.

Dedicated Customer Base: The cafe has cultivated a steadily growing customer base, a testament to its sterling reputation and strong customer loyalty. The dynamic atmosphere and chic ambience further augment its allure, making it a popular choice among patrons.

Varied Culinary Offerings: The cafe’s diverse menu, featuring fresh, locally sourced ingredients and a gluten-free selection, alongside artisanal barista-crafted coffee, caters to a wide spectrum of tastes and dietary preferences. This culinary versatility appeals to a broad and discerning customer base.

Effortless Operation: Operating within convenient business hours and concluding early in the day, this cafe not only turns a profit but also offers a remarkable lifestyle benefit to potential owner-operators seeking a work-life balance. This simplicity renders it an attractive prospect for those valuing both business success and personal well-being.

Expansion Potential: Given the current owner’s limited involvement in daily operations, there exists substantial room for growth and expansion. This presents a compelling opportunity to further develop the cafe’s offerings, potentially increasing revenue streams.

Well-Maintained Equipment: The cafe boasts top-tier, well-maintained plant and equipment, a noteworthy advantage for prospective buyers. This assures that they won’t need to make substantial immediate investments in upgrades or replacements, thereby safeguarding their initial investment.

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