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Commercial Cleaning – Newcastle

Cleaning, Under Management
This rare and enticing opportunity presents itself within the flourishing cleaning industry, offering a highly profitable business primed for acquisition. Nestled in the heart of this thriving sector, the business operates under management, yet its adaptable structure also lends itself seamlessly to an owner-operator model.
Asking Price: $190,000

About the opportunity

One of the paramount strengths of this business lies in its diverse client base, spanning across professional, commercial, and industrial sectors. This diversification acts as a sturdy foundation, ensuring a steady revenue stream without over-reliance on any single client. Over the years, the company has meticulously cultivated relationships across these sectors, fostering a reputation for reliability and delivering top-notch quality service within the bustling Newcastle market.

While currently managed by a capable team, it presents an appealing opportunity for an owner-operator to step in and elevate operations further. Financial projections indicate that an owner-operator could expect a robust annual profit of $190,000 (PEBITDA), while under management, the business still generates a commendable $105,000 annually (EBITDA).

Beyond its current success, this business holds immense potential for expansion and growth. Opportunities abound to broaden the customer base into the surrounding regions, tapping into new markets ripe for exploration. Additionally, the potential for diversifying services remains untapped, with prospects to introduce specialised offerings such as forensic cleaning, builders cleaning, end-of-lease cleaning, and a myriad of other services, further amplifying revenue streams and market reach. Seising these expansion prospects could unlock the full potential of this already flourishing venture.

In summary, this business not only promises lucrative returns but also offers the prospect of harnessing untapped opportunities within a thriving market landscape.

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